Videos and other E-Resources About Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Reflective Questions For Teachers

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Here are a variety of videos about growth mindset.

Dr.Carol Dweck explains her research on fixed and growth mindsets and the impact on learning.

Mindset Works®: Student Motivation through a Growth Mindset, by Carol Dweck, Ph.D..

Dr. Jo Boaler has researched the impact of having a fixed or a growth mindset when learning mathematics.  

Eduardo Briceno: The Power of Belief          

Steve Paikin: The Classroom of 2030

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Meet The Robinsons:  Keep Moving Forward!


Jaime Casap:  Saving The Silver Bullet                                             

In this video Jaime Casap conjectures that education is the silver bullet and has the power of disrupting poverty.   He addresses the importance of hard work along the road to change and success.                                        

Sesame Street:  Janelle Monae – Power of Yet                                           

In this video Janelle Monae with the help of the Sesame Street characters sings about the power of yet.

The Scientific Power of Thought                                                              

This video discusses the brain’s plasticity and fostering a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset: Mindsetmax                                                                    

This video discusses how a growth mindset can influence your ability to learn.

 Kid President – How To Be An Inventor!                                                             

In this video Kid President discovers that “it’s okay to fail” and “it’s okay to make mistakes” but, “it’s not okay to stop”.

The Growth Mindset – Sal Kahn and Carol Dweck                                      

In this video Sal talks with Stanford Professor Carol Dweck about her research on the Growth Mindset.

Carol Dweck: The Power Of Believing That You Can Improve          

In this Ted Talk video, Carol discusses how to use “yet” to help children improve and succeed.

HWDSB: Growth Mindset Winter SIM 2015


Educational Parenting Tip #4: Growth Mindset                                                

Dr Dylan Arena, Chief Learning Scientist and Co-Founder of Kidaptive, provides parenting tips about how to encourage your child’s abilities.

Educational Parenting Tip #4: Growth Mindset from Kidaptive on Vimeo.